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Dr. Frank Czuba

BlackBird is thrilled to partner with Dr. Frank Czuba and his team. Frank's background is in mental health and rehab occupational therapy, providing a comprehensive, holistic approach to healthcare. Frank's model of care utilizes each person's life's roles, interests, and aptitudes to facilitate better mental health and psychological fitness. Following an assessment process to determine strengths and areas of improvement, Frank is able to customize a treatment plan to address health related concerns and symptom management.

Occupational Therapists recognize that people of all ages and abilities need occupation to grow and thrive. In pursuing occupation, individuals express their unique approach to life and integrate their mind, body and spirit. Occupations include everyday activities of daily living, health management, rest and sleep, education, work, play, leisure and social participation. Occupational therapists are ideally positioned to address the occupational performance challenges that individuals with mental health issues face in their daily routines.

Uniquely different from other counseling strategies, Frank focuses on the ‘doing’ and getting engaged in the myriad of activities that support your life.

Sometimes clients have experienced undue stress, chronic pain, or trauma and have ceased to trust or listen to their bodily cues, making it difficult for them to predict, process and regulate their emotional responses. Through meaningful engagement in both familiar and novel activities, Frank supports clients in their mindful attention to their inner body awareness so they can overcome maladaptive responses. Clients can learn to utilize your interoceptive awareness to help navigate difficult moments and challenging situations.

Frank helps clients achieve health, well-being and participation in life through their engagement in meaningful occupations so that they can truly be healthy physically, mentally and socially. Regain your overall fitness and get back to being the artist of your own life.

Issues addressed include:

depression, anxiety, relational stress, work life balance, symptom management, boredom, lifestyle, person-enviroment fit, adjustment concerns, chronic conditions, aged care, parent stress, injury recovery, TBI, rehabilitation