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Heather Corwin, Ph.D., LPC

Psychological Fellow

Dr. Corwin’s diverse background and experiences inform her therapeutic approach, which is grounded in relationship and unconditional positive regard. Within a strength based, integrative approach to health and well being, Dr. Corwin includes sensory awareness and body connection to explore how impulses and sensations translate into our everyday actions. She maintains the view that people are complex and that thoughts, feelings, and body sensations interact with each other and determine how we interface with the world around us. Dr. Corwin’s expertise is in emotional intelligence, which consists of empathy, emotional regulation, perspective taking, and communication. Her background in the performing arts helps to bring playfulness and humor to the therapeutic work, with mindfulness and creativity. She enjoys exploring her clients’ narratives and pays special attention to the fractures incurred through experience.

Dr. Corwin’s knowledge base is steeped in physiological, neurological, psychological, creative, and behavioral work that all identifies how relationships, emotions, and the body interact to facilitate health. Healing and feeling safe is a lifelong journey best taken with others who support you. Therapeutic goals will include a broad base of techniques to allow us to explore your world, and to identify and redefine who you want to be in your most whole self. Being in relationship with yourself and others can open you to the skills and awareness required to live your life on your terms with the joy you crave.

Supervisors Dr. Melissa Rowland, Lic. 071008544   & Dr. Sharon Black, Lic. 071009658