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Sandra Stevens, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

How do we attain the life that we so profoundly want?

Whether our goals are health and happiness, peace and acceptance, or growth and success, there can be obstacles along the way. Some of us may be in a life transition with a new job, new relationship, or a milestone, but we don't know which way to go next. Some of us need help remembering our dreams. Some of us want to start the process of moving forward from depression, anxiety, trauma, divorce, difficult life circumstances, loss, financial strain, strained relationships, childhood traumas, and life challenges.

I work with individuals and couples to explore the journey of life's challenges together. I have a Person-Centered Approach, maintaining an atmosphere of trust, safety, and support. I also have training in Emotion Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory, EMDR, and Psychodrama, with a background in Fine Arts, music, dance, and movement. I am perceptive, empathic, and compassionate. My interventions are flexible and integrative, allowing us to develop an individualized treatment plan based on your own strengths, preferences, and goals.

As we get to know each other, we will work together to understand what works best for you.  My integrative approach accommodates what works best for the individuals in session. I foster a safe, comfortable environment to help the client fulfill their goals in treatment.

You can transcend tragedy and remember that you are strong and competent.

You can live a meaningful life and fulfill your dreams and goals.

There's an infinite number of ways you can see and experience the world.

Together, we can be purposeful about the experience you want.

Let's work together to create something and relearn and discover what that something is for you. 

Some of the issues Sandra has helped individuals and couples within psychotherapy include:



Relationship issues

Issues of personal, cultural, religious/spiritual, gender and sexual identity

Intimacy and Sexuality

Personal growth

Creativity and Artistic Expression

New Mothers

Transitions: Marriage, Divorce, Parenting, Bereavement, Grief and Loss

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